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Free software that keeps sensitive data hidden

Free software that keeps sensitive data hidden

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Wise Folder Hider is able to hide private files, photos and other personal data from prying eyes on your PC. It should work with any computer that runs Windows 7 or higher regardless of whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit processor.

While you can set the hidden file attribute or add a dot in front of the name of any directory in order to hide it, these techniques can easily be defeated. Hiding a file system object in this way doesn't actually completely disguise it.

By using Wise Folder Hider, users can tuck a file behind multiple password levels. This will ensure that any directory protected in this way is abstracted to prevent unauthorized access and even unintentional erasure.

Many people trade USB flash drives with other people, which can make them vulnerable to attack. You might not want people snooping through all the data you have stored on one of these handy tools. Wise Folder Hider will make sure that other people can't read anything you've stored there.

In fact, they'll remain hidden and scrambled even if the device is lost or stolen. While future owners could reformat the drive, doing so would destroy your files so they'd never be discovered. This is particularly useful for those who have to exchange documents at work and don't want project files falling into the wrong hands.

Those who install the full version of the app can even integrate it into File Explorer's context menu, which makes it even easier to recover files hidden away from normal view.


  • Securely hides files
  • Protects even USB drives
  • Automatic encryption
  • Supports multiple passwords


  • Forgotten passwords can't be recovered
  • May slow down file access
  • Takes a while to encrypt larger folders